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Sefa Wine

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Sefa Wine

It was founded on the basis of experience that has been inherited from generation to generation until the days of today. Cellar “SEFA” raw materials (grapes) provides from vineyards that are owned by the basement and his themelusve. Cellar “Sefa” owned her 5 Ha vineyards vaiateteve different from variateti Chardonnay, Riesling Italian, Vranac etc..

Grape quality in which attention is a special wine produced and this makes us to be best guaranteed quality wines. Bodrum production capacity is about 60,000 bottles a year, the basement is always focused on market growth and expansion of production capacity in the coming years.

Our motto: “to produce quality wine” quality products, guaranteed success, then it only remembered taste when you drink wine from “SEFAWINE”

Website SefaWine: www.sefawine.com